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16 June, 2021
Actions for the environment

Environmental alliance with We4all
Strengthening the institution of Sustainable Development remains a key priority of Elval Colour, which is reflected in all its actions starting from the factory operating processes, product production, safety and employee training and the relationships develop with both the local and the wider society.
The company has in its history a series of actions for the environment, the society, the human. It has focused on improving its products concerning the environment and the sustainability of facades and roofs. It follows the philosophy of
complete recycling of materials at any stage of production and at the end their operational life.
One of the most important actions of the company regarding the environment is the support of the project of the non-profit Environmental Organization we4all, which was founded in 2018 and to date has planted over 25,000 trees. The mission of the organization is "To help the Earth heal and to remind people that this planet is our home, before it's too late. "Elval Colour, an ally in this important project of we4all, offered in 2020 a sponsorship of 1,000 trees, planted in fire-affected areas of our country, while it has already committed to support the organization with similar actions in the future.
With sensitivity and pride, it received from we4all the Tree Certificate and its title as Guardian, causing the sense of responsibility for our planet even stronger.
The company continues its work with the promise to always remain faithful to its values, with respect for man, with responsibility to the environment, to operate with integrity and passion in every step of its activities and with the commitment to respond effectively and efficiently to every need of its customers, the market, the society.

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Actions for the environment Actions for the environment Actions for the environment

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